So I’ve been giving some thought to the function and structure of this blog. My original vision was of a communal excercise… but shockingly, all the peeps I’d like to have writing with me here are crazy busy, and also busy putting their writey goodness, rightfully, to better purposes.

Where does that leave me? Well, I still like the idea of this space as an outlet, a place to think aloud. Because I have other writing outlets, this one sometimes gets neglected for long stretches of time. I’d kind of like that to change? But I’m not sure it’s gonna? Wow, way to commit.

I’d also like this to be more personal, and more interesting, and less pedantic, because pedantic is a huge problem of mine and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So here are the proposed changes around here.

Change the First. Blah blah blah, less precious.

Change the Second. I’m biting the bullet and migrating the blog over to my own name. Because a) Me me me. And b) I could never, ever remember the exact web address to save my life. Going forward, if you wanna look me up, all you have to do is spell my name right. We’ll work on pronunciation later.

I started The Poetic License as an outlet for writery thoughts, from which it… occasionally… drifted… off topic. Uh, oops? I still can’t promise that all my posts will be 100% germane to the writing life and its discontents. WHATEVER. Just roll with it.

A special note on the weird photos: These are most definitely not going to change. Because there is almost nothing I like better than weird photos, taken with a totally inadequate camera. There’s a metaphor here. Give me some time and I’ll write a poem about it.

There’s probably gonna be more cursing. Sorry about that.

In poetry news, there’s so much great stuff going on; mainly – that a poet friend talked me into this craziness. (It’s awesome! It’s insane! I’m losing my mind! In a good way!) Stick around to hear all about it.


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