What’s in a Tweet?

cherub 1

Pentametron collects tweets that happen to be written in iambic pentameter, then pairs them up in rhyming couplets. Some are absurd –

Perceiving beauty is a moral test

Velveeta macaroni is the best

some, gently melancholy –

White people don’t belong in basketball

Lost sirens waiting for the siren’s call

while some wax philosophical –

The darkest nights provide the brightest stars

The weirdest people have the nicest cars.

I love the idea of the “found” poem – the idea that there’s poetry in newspaper headlines, cereal boxes, the graffiti on bathroom walls. And writing them is a good way to surprise yourself, to stop thinking linearly and literally.

Tear up your rough draft, and rearrange the pieces.

Rearrange the lines of the next mass email you get at work.

Start a poem with the overheard words of a stranger.

Just finished reading Twilight. What.The.Fuck.

Amok amok amok amok amok


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