TV, in two-part disharmony

Ah, Pilot Season. Let’s take a break from Serious Art to discuss my third favorite art form: TeeVee. Sure, plenty has been written about all the new shows, but I think I there’s a vacuum for a Rotten Tomatoes sort of approach. Ie, the show at a glance. And since I have zero credibility as a television critic, I am just the person to fill that niche. Note: I only watched what I was interested in*, lending me even less credibility. Let’s begin!

The format is simple: I tell you the best and worst aspects of the shows, like this: Good, but Bad.

Pan-Am: Cute, but intellectually insulting.

A Gifted Man: Beautifully acted, but probably going to get cancelled.

Ringer: Surprisingly addictive, but, dammit, now I’m addicted to a CW show.

Whitney: Whitney-Cummings-woman-successful-in-Hollywood-yay!, but, EVERYTHING ELSE.

2 Broke Girls: Funnier than “Whitney,” but the one-liners are going to get old fast.

Community: Better than any of the new sitcoms, but I am an idiot for not noticing it for the past two years.

Person of Interest: Michael Emerson! (my weirdly compelling slightly-evil-nerd crush!), but, please don’t cancel this one, CBS, I’m really addicted.

Unforgettable: Inoffensive, but, um, forgettable? (I told you I was unqualified for this task.)

Prime Suspect: I can’t follow my self-imposed rule for this show, because I found it pretty much perfect. (A lot has been written about how the pilot portrayed sexism in the NYPD in an over-the-top way, which is a valid point, but I also suspect we’ve been brainwashed by unrealistically utopian post-feminism on shows like Law & Order.)

Terra Nova: Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang are likeable even with hacky writing, but three episodes in I am still finding the persistent anti-science bent disquieting. However, I might be slightly prejudiced because I find dinosaurs tiresome.

Charlie’s Angels: Just kidding. I re-read Judith Krantz novels regularly, but even I can’t sit through Charlie’s Angels’ level of cheese.

Did you watch something I didn’t? Chime in with your one-line (or twenty-line) opinions on the various shows I may have missed or was totally wrong about.

* What I’m interested in: science fiction, women protagonists, and all things pertaining to Michael Emerson.




4 thoughts on “TV, in two-part disharmony

  1. Hi! The new shows that have made my roster are Pan-Am (I can’t help myself…it reminds me of flying that airline when I was a kid in the 80s) and Person of Interest. We are a couple of episodes behind on the latter but so far so good!

  2. “Community” = awesome. Most rewarding 22 minutes on TV right now.
    New shows: We tried to get into “Up All Night”. Gave up after two episodes. Following your review format: You want Christina Applegate and Will Arnett to succeed and make up for unfair previous network cancellations, but the network should probably cancel this show.

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