Eternally Yours

I’ve been reading a book in which a woman is rescued from a deadly snowstorm/avalanche by a handsome man who is a doctor AND a famous author of historical novels about doctors, which are unbelievably accurate because he draws from his own life experience, because…he’s…



And of course they are powerfully and mystically attracted to one another. But he can’t be with her because he’s a VAMPIRE! And she can never love again because she has A DARK SECRET IN HER PAST!

And also she’s a little leery because whenever he gets too close he is DRAWN TO HER BLOOD OMG and she notices that his eyes “dance with red flames” but OMG THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE I MUST HAVE IMAGINED IT!!!

It’s been good for some unexpected laughs. Not as awesome as, say, Judith Krantz, but nevertheless it packs in The Cheesy Goodness like the Kraft Factory Store.

Oh, and of course he also plays the piano…. BRILLIANTLY! And she knows that it’s Rachmaninoff.

Gee, I wonder if they’ll find a way to be together.



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